Handbook of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plant Materials of Vietnam

Than Nguyen Viet; Cuong Banh Nhu*; Thanh Vu Thi Viet; Dung Pham Thi Kim; Dat Hoang Quang; Tu Nguyen Thi Thanh

Hanoi College of Pharmacy

(Proceedings of The Fourth Indochina Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences November 2005)



" Handbook of Pharmacognosy & Medicinal Plant Materials of Vietnam" is presented in form of an E-book programmed for easy access to every topic and relevant data and detailed information included. It covers almost general comprehensive understandings of pharmacognosy, both classic and modern, and introduces more than 100 medicinal plants and materia medica of Vietnam, which are arranged on the basis of their principal chemical constituents, illustrated by many photos of thin layer chromatograms performed with an HPTLC instrument by the authors. The Handbook is featured by a copious treasure of photos of medicinal plants - their lifeforms, anatomic intersectional structures, microscopic pictures of their fragments, powders, etc.. With these, the Handbook provides a useful tool for teaching, learning pharmacogny and researching as well. The work is on progress to expand for future versions.


Key word


Medicinal plant, Pharmacognosy, Vietnamese medicinal plant.




With predominant advantages of an E-book, the present "Handbook of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plant Materials of Vietnam" includes a large amount of colored photos, films to serves the students and readers as a helpful tool for acquiring essential informative materials on pharmacognosy in general and each medicinal plant material in particular.


Materials and Methods


The photos were taken by the authors.

The anatomic intersections were bleached, stained with methylene blue, carmine red for microscopic study and photography.

In some cases, the microscopic photos were taken with fluorescence and/or reflection techniques.

Powders and fragments of medicinal materials were photographed with the same degree of magnification with a ruler for reference.

Thin layer chromatograms were made with the HPTLC instrument CAMAG with software WinCATS-Planar Chrommatography Manager and VideoScan.

Each monograph (item) is presented in the following subsections: Definition, Description, Major phytochemical constituents, Microscopic characteristics of its intersections and powdered materials (parts of the plant or its crude drugs), General identification tests, Chemical assays, Medicinal actions and uses, References. Each of these section was organized to have easy access to an abundant store of illustrating photos for reference.

The edition of this Handbook was originally made in the way of and with close reference to both classic and modern books of the field.




As organized in form of an E-book, the materials are structured in such a systemic arrangement that the Handbook functions to facilitate the access to required details. The first version covers more than 100 medicinal plants classified in the traditional way of pharmacognosy, originally based on their phytochemistry, namely their main active principles.

- The materials are divided into 8 main chapters: General, Carbohydrate, Glycoside, Alkaloids, Essential oils, Lipids, Organic Acids, Medicinal Materials from Animals.

- The chapter of Glycoside is subdivided into 7 subsections.

- In the main parts the data is simple, but give shortcut ways to related monographs by powerful and easy linkages.

- Besides, the Handbook contains the part of "General in Identification of Materia Medica and pharmaceutical products therefrom.

- The Handbook is constant revision to be completed as well as possible by adding materials for better quality and usefulness of coming versions.     




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